coordenades restaurant





Shoulder of Iberian acorn-fed ham, D.O. Huelva, "coca de vidre" flatbread with tomato (100 gr.)

Cantabrian anchovies with "coca de vidre" flatbread (8 fillets)

Baby cuttlefish with a chocolate covering and an air of cocoanut

Grilled sea-cucumbers with garlic and parsley (150 gr.)

Grilled prawns from Roses (200 gr.)

Seafood croquettes (6 units)



Terrine of duck liver with Empordà "garnatxa"  wine sauce

False sea-cucumber with Dublin bay prawns and hummus

Gazpacho of strawberries with prawns from Roses 

Soy clouds covered thin sheets of beef with onion ice cream and yogurt curry foam

Scallops with black sesam , misonesa and mango sauce

"Surprise ravioli with sage butter and air of roses  

Sea and mountain millefeuille with oriental sauce and cabbage sorbet

Octopus with cream of smoked potato, silver pearls and consommé of roast potato

Fillets of beef with red wine sauce with spaghetti soufflés curry rice



Risotto of penny bun mushrooms with their air

Beet creamy rice with vegetables and sea cucumbers

Creamy rice with spinaches and poached egg with asparagus



 Cod with cream of white beans, salt pork and salad of beetroot in textures

White fish with baby vegetables and coulis of mango

Our bouillabaisse 

Tuna belly in modern oriental style

"Sea and mountain" (ravioli of prawn stuffed with sot "botifarra" sausage)




Suckling pig cooked at low temperature with fruit chutney

Marinated lamb with honey, couscous, cream of pumpkin and coffee

"Ploma ibèrica" with black bean sauce

Nebraska entrecote cooked over false embers with their coals


- Soufle season, mandarin tears, plums, red fruits and pineapple soup 

"Torrija Sta. Teresa" Coordenades style  

Composition of comestibles: sand, cream, skins, mousse, foam and fruit 

Moshi filling with white chocolate foam, strawberry snow and painting dark chocolate

Cheesecake sponge with red fruits

Coulant of chocolate with orange in textures

Translation: Tradumots